Top Tips For Extending The Life Of Eyelash Extensions

Instead of dealing with short, thin, straight and imperfect eyelashes, many people opt for eyelash extensions to achieve the longer and fuller lash effect. Professional technicians can easily apply eyelash extensions within an hour, and these are far more natural-looking than the cheap products you purchase at a pharmacy. Sadly, neither last forever, and you will need to have an extensions ‘refill’ sooner or later. If you think your lash extensions are falling out sooner than expected, here are some eyelash extension tips for extending their usable life

1: Avoid Thick Eyelash Extensions

While opting for ‘thinner’ eyelash extensions seems to negate the reason behind getting extensions, there is a good reason to avoid thicker products. A thicker eyelash extension is much more substantial than the thin, light counterpart; therefore, they are more likely to peel off sooner. Individual lash extensions may not be as dramatic as the fuller ones, but they have a longer lifespan and offer more overall benefits.

2: Applying Eyelash Sealer

Another method to extend the life of your eyelash extensions is by applying eyelash sealer each morning. Sealers are available over-the-counter, but it is recommended that you opt for formulas with both hyaluronic and acrylic serum. This type of formula assists the extensions in better adhesiveness and can condition the natural eyelashes.

3: Avoiding Thick Night Creams

While thick night creams are beneficial for your skin and appearance, particularly during winter, they can reduce the life of eyelash extensions. Thick night creams affect lash extensions by dissolving the glue holding the extensions in place. This is why you can lose large numbers of lash extensions overnight when using thick night creams. It is possible to use night creams, but you should avoid placing the lotion around or on your eye area.

4: Keeping Your Face Off Your Pillow

It is obvious to note that sleeping with your face on a pillow can pull out eyelash extensions, particularly if you move your face during the night. To avoid this issue, it is recommended you sleep on your back, so your lash extensions don’t touch the pillow or mattress at all.

5: Never Use Waterproof Mascara

Although one of the primary points of eyelash extensions is to remove a need for mascara, many people continue to use this cosmetic product. Waterproof mascara is a popular option, but it can be challenging to remove, and effort is required to clean the lashes. The energy you place on cleaning your lashes can result in pulling the extensions off or at least weakening the attachment considerably. If you can, try to avoid the use of mascara in any form.

6: Be Gentle When Dealing With The Eyelash Extensions

The more you touch and rub your eyelash extensions, the higher the chance of the extension falling out or being pulled out. To extend the life of lash extensions, it is advised that you use low-alkaline soap to remove eye make-up with oil-free make-up removers. Moreover, when you brush the extensions use a light wand and brush down without too much pressure.

As can be seen, there are different techniques to extend the life of your eyelash extensions. Whether it is sleeping on your back or being gentle with the make-up remover, you can choose one or all of the methods to ensure your extensions have a longer lifespan.