How To Ensure You Have A Roadworthy Car

In the state of Queensland it is mandatory, when selling a car, to provide the purchaser with a QLD Roadworthy Safety Certificate. To purchase one you need to contact an approved provider. If you work on the Gold Coast and can’t get to a motor mechanic workshop, you can have Coastwide, a Molendinar motor mechanic come to you as they provide a mobile roadworthy safety certificate service throughout the Gold Coast.

Having your car break down on the road is a traumatic experience. An unexpected breakdown can be dangerous to you and to other drivers on the road. Before you take your car out for a long drive you want to ensure that it is safe and roadworthy. This means you have to give your car a once-over before you go on your trip or take it to a motor mechanic for an inspection. Read on to learn some of the basic things to check on your car to ensure that it is roadworthy.

Check The Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure causes blowouts on the road that can be dangerous or even deadly. If you tire pressure is low your tires flex more than they should and they can quickly overheat which leads to blowouts. If you lose control of your car you could get into a wreck and you could also hit another car and cause a deadly accident.

It only takes seconds to check your tire pressure. Invest in a quality digital gauge and make it a habit of checking your pressure each time you drive. You might want to invest in a portable air pump so you can add air to your tires on the spot. Make sure not to overinflate your tires because it will shorten their life.

Check The Coolant Levels

The last thing you want when you are going on a long trip is to have your car overheat. An overheating car can cause catastrophic engine damage and you could find yourself needing a brand new engine. Most people don’t check their coolant levels when they are going on a trip but this is something you really want to do since it can literally save your car.

All you have to do is do a quick visual check of the coolant reservoir to make sure that the coolant levels are where they should be. This doesn’t take long and it can potentially save your engine.

Check The Oil

Driving around with low oil can ruin your engine so you want to make sure that you always have enough oil in your car if you don’t want any problems. Check the oil at least once a month to ensure that you don’t have any issues with your oil levels. Oil lubricates your engine and if you don’t have enough oil, your engine isn’t going to be getting enough lubrication which is going to cause some serious problems.

Check Your Wipers & Washer Fluid

If you are on the road and get debris on your windshield you won’t be able to see. If this happens you are going to need to use your wiper fluid to clean off your windshield. If you don’t have enough windshield wiper fluid you won’t be able to see and this could be very dangerous. It is important to make sure that your wipers and windshield washer fluid are working so you can clear off your windshield as needed. Keep your car on the road with these tips.